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Dear Lara…


To my dearest, darling Lara…

It was your birthday almost a month ago and whilst I promised to write all of you kids a letter on the eve of your next birthday, in true mum fashion I have spectacularly failed to do this on time. You pretend you’re not bothered, but I know you’re eager to see what your letter contains and have been checking this blog to see if I’ve stuck to my word. I’m sorry it’s taken me this long…

You were bought into the world fifteen (!) years ago on Monday 6th May at 6:46am (I still can’t believe my ‘little Lara’ is 15). It was a bank holiday and you caught us by surprise arriving four days before your due date – you never have liked to wait for anything!

Weighing only 7lb 4oz you seemed so tiny, and in stark contrast to the thick black hair your older sister was born with, the top of your head had only a light smattering of pale blonde peach-like fuzz.  You were handed to me swaddled in blankets, and I couldn’t wait to un-wrap you and take a look at my perfect new baby. As I lifted you towards me and touched my face to your soft creamy skin, I loved you instantly and was filled with an overwhelming need to protect you.

Lara Montage

Your dad and big sister were immediately besotted with you, and photos from these early days mainly consist of Georgia holding you awkwardly, with her grinning proudly at the camera and you looking not quite so sure!

You and Georgia have always had a special relationship, but it’s fair to say you are both VERY different! You seem to bring out the worst in each other at times, with Georgia loving to boss people (you) around, and you always doing the complete opposite of whatever Georgia has told you to do. This has resulted in some heated arguments – with Georgia usually coming off worst.

Georgia and Lara

In fact, we all quickly learned that your beautiful angelic face and petite features belied an independent and head-strong child who has always known her own mind. Your first words of ‘shullup and goway’ (shut-up and go away) should have given us some clue as to what lay ahead…

I think it’s fair to say that life with you has been challenging at times. You’re such a multi-faceted person that I never quite know what’s coming next; From huge angry outbursts, to rib-crushing cuddles and the softest little kisses on my cheek. From exuding confidence on the football pitch to crippling anxiety about going to school. From intelligent and thoughtful conversations about diversity and political issues to thinking that David Walliams was our Prime-Minister. There really is never a dull moment with you Lara!

Lara Footie

You’re loud, funny, kind, caring, loving, brave, determined and talented.

You’re also rude, sarcastic, hot-headed, lazy, cheeky, argumentative and a terrible singer.

You’ve threatened to call Child Line on more than one occasion and I’ve offered to dial the number. I’ve threatened to pack your bags a few times, and you’ve offered to move out.

But despite all the tough times, you’ve taught me so much about myself, about love, and about being a parent that I wouldn’t change a single moment for the world. I try to see life through your eyes and realise that it’s pretty tricky at times.

The elements of you that frustrate me the most, are also the characteristics I love the best. And whilst everyone else may see a strong, tough, impervious person, I’ll always see that tiny peach-headed baby that I need to protect and love with every inch of my being.

Please don’t ever stop being you Lara.

Love you to the Spar shop and back.



Lara and Mummy




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